Gerballs Public Alpha Release!

It’s been a long time coming but the Gerballs alpha release is finally available for public testing. We are currently looking for people to provide us with input and ideas on how to make this game better and provide our users with the AAA experience they have come to expect from major developers.

In the coming months you will be able to watch this game grow through nightly builds to the playable online demo. Remember to keep checking back with us as often as you like. Things are changing and growing almost daily, so there will always be something new. We will keep and update a page for the release notes beginning with the next revision.

Keep giving us ideas and if we like them we will make it happen! Wouldn’t you love to see some of your suggestions in a video game? Of course you would.

We all really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to check out our game. Don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter!

- Gerballs Team

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  1. I see you guys changed up a few of the levels; liking the change up on the fruit icons too. The home page is a lot better. Definitely looks like things are rolling along (pun intended). Can’t really think of any improvements so far; maybe just putting in more world objects like gerbil tubes or cages that act like traps. Just some ideas i’m throwing out there, the game looks really good as it stands anyways.

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